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Japan LA 7 Yr Anniversary Party

JapanLA Anniversary FlyerJapan LA, a hot spot for Japanese pop culture merchandise on famous Melrose Ave in L.A, celebrated their 7-Year Anniversary this year and threw a party inside the store to commemorate the occasion. The party attracted local Kawaii style lovers alike who could shop for cute merchandise including Lime Crime cosmetics and Locketship accessories pop-up shops inside the store. Some of my most adorable friends showed up for the party in true Kawaii spirit!

Cassie of Glimmerwood, Charis of CharismaStarTV, Chrissa Villanueva and me
JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 03JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 01A huge birthday cake prop was a centerpiece at the party and displayed Locketship accessories for sale.
JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 02Maria of Locketship accessories was also celebrating her birthday month so the cake was a perfect display for her accessories. Here’s Maria & I hanging out.
JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 04Maria’s head piece was an amazing floral display! So beautiful!
JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 05Without planning it ahead of time, Charis Lincoln & I totally ended up wearing matching  galaxy-inspired outfits!JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 07Our nameplate necklaces are from the ultra creative Cicely Margo. I had Charis’ CharismaStar necklace custom made for her birthday this year.
It’s hard to see in photos, but these pendants are super glittery and fabulous!
(Click on images to ENLARGE)JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 07bWe even wore the exact same leggings!
No idea she even owned these, haha.. Great friends think alike!
I’m on the left, Charis is on the right..JapanLA 7 Yr Ann 20Hangin’ out with Cassie, Charis and Lime Crime gals Doe Deere & Katie Mitchell.
JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 10So in love with Doe’s Donut headpiece!!
It was also Doe’s Birthday month and her dress was inspired by a classic Birthday Cake design. I believe it’s by Betsey Johnson.
JapanLA 7 Yr Ann 21
Also, hung out with Twinkie Chan, the queen of Yummy You Accessories!
Check out my favorite cupcake scarf crocheted by Twinkie Chan HERE.
Japan LA 7 Yr Ann Party 06Julie Doll makes an adorable Keroppi!
Japan LA 7 Yr Ann Party 09Love the adorable new Kittens and Ice Cream collection just released at Japan LA!
You can find them in store and online.
Kittens n Ice Cream Dress Kittens n Ice Cream LeggingsKittens n Ice Cream Leggings CropLocketship artwork on display and for sale at JapanLA.
Japan LA 7 Yr Ann Party 14SONY DSCCharis & me with our handsome hubbies Jacob & Robert.. JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 11Assorted cake balls were provided by the one and only Jenny Rae, as seen here in a red velvet sandwich between me & Traci Hines, haha..JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 19Being a huge Tim Burton fan, Jenny’s headpiece was inspired by Mr. Whiskers from the movie “Frankenweenie”.
Japan LA 7 Yr Ann Party 16Anyone want to buy cakeballs from these SUPER CUTE girls?!?
(Jenny Rae always takes the cake for doing ugly faces!!)SONY DSCJust Kidding!..
We really are ANGELS in disguise.. HeeHeeHee..JapanLA 7 Yr Ann Party 18
Thanks for joining me for my recap of Japan LA’s super fun Anniversary Party!
Come by and visit again soon!

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